Monday 14 May 2012

NERV Theme for Fedora

Once again I find myself getting bored with the (Plymouth) loading/splash screen on my Fedora installation so I decided to customize it with a new image.

This time round I opted for the NERV logo from Non Genesis Evangelion.

Unlike previous Plymouth splash screens I've modified, this one does not scale an image to the screen.  Instead, it centers a fixed image.  This is possible due to the small size of the logo and the black background.

When I have a little free time (this weekend, hopefully) I'm going to see about changing the loading bar from horizontal to vertical and add a second bar.  This way I can have a loading bar to the left and right of the logo.

Once I have the updated version up and running I'll try to upload some fresh images or a video.

For those who are interested in creating Plymouth splash screens, there is an excellent guide at the Not a Number blog.

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