Sunday 12 August 2012

A Quiet Day

The following day was fairly quiet.  As neither of us had the energy for a particularly big adventure (and we needed to wait for some registered post that morning) we chose to spend the afternoon in Misato.

One of the things that I've enjoyed about this trip has been the opportunity to spend time in a Japanese neighborhood.

For lunch, we headed to the LaLaPort shopping mall at Shim Misato (not sure if it shoud be Shin, but it's romanized as Shim on the train station sign).  We headed to a restaurant called "Stone Burg", somewhere Kyle had heard good things about.

Stone Burg is seems to be a Japanese take on an American steakhouse with a Western theme.  The verdict - pricy, but worth it!

Later I had another go at Kareoke.  I honestly expected the police to burst in and arrest me for murdering music!  From this experience I can determine that I REALLY can't sing!

Musical murder aside, it was another enjoyable day.

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