Wednesday 8 August 2012

Oh Deer!

Before todays visit to the island of Miyajima I was warned that the deer could be... bold.  By bold I mean they started trying to eat Seto's wheelchair when he and Kyle were last there.

One of the deer grabbed the bag I was holding and proceeded to tear open the box of coffee sachets within.  All I could do was watch in stunned silence as many onlookers clearly gained amusement from the ongoing spectacle.

Do NOT trust this deer!
The journey to the island went well enough, taking only 25 minutes by ferry.

Miyajima is home to a famous shrine.  This particular shrine is unique as it has a Tori out in the water.

At the shrine I decided to add to my ema collection and get another omamori.  This time it was one for finding ones life partner.  Unfortunately, upon returning to the hotel I discovered my second piece of bad luck.  I'd managed to lose the omamori.  I think the Shinto Gods are trying to tell me that I'm going to be single forever.  Zetsubou!

The island also featured a nice aquarium.  It's relatively small (certainly not on the same scale as The Deep, in Hull) but nice.

Furthermore, when jumping between Kyles room and my own (sorting out who has the correct souvenirs for when we check out) I discovered that I had managed to lock my keys in my room.  This is really not my day!

Despite the slight mishaps I had a great time today.  As we are returning to Misato tomorrow this was our last day with Seto.  Meeting Seto again has been great.

For the return to Misato we're travelling by Shinkansen this time.  i don't think I could survive another overnight bus and I fly back on the 13th so I'm going to make the most of the remaining time I have in Japan.  Time to swap the dry heat of Hiroshima for the humidity of Misato and Tokyo.

And lastly, a little proof that the Deer do in fact steal and attempt to eat whatever they can get away with:


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