Wednesday 1 August 2012

Frankfurt and Beyond

It's currently around 10:00 in sunny Frankfurt, which means I have nearly 4 hours before my flight to Tokyo.

Seeing as I'm in Frankfurt again (and my departure gate is exactly the same, given that it's next to the exact same pretzel bar) I've decided to grab a beer and a pretzel while I wait.

The good news so far is that there is free WiFi for half an hour, which I'm currently using to post this and check a few email/social network updates.  Afterwards I expect that I'll shell out for paid hotspot access in an hour or 2 just so I don't go completely crazy.  As I recall, last time it seemed quite reasonably priced (and is provided by T-Mobile and Deutche Telekom).

Bad news is that I've found that keeping a big box of batteries (for my camera) in my hand luggage wasn't a brilliant idea.  Hasn't stopped me getting anywhere but at both Manchester and Frankfurt the security staff did want to check what they are.  On the way back, they go in the suitcase!

Anyway, I'm relaxing now while I wait for my flight.  For those who are interested, I'm flying on one of the new A380 SuperJumbos.  I flew on one last time I went to Japan and I have to say they are really comfortable and certainly quieter than anything I've ever flown on before.  Hopefully I should arrive fairly refreshed.  At least I hope I do as I'm landing at 08:00 - got a full day ahead of me!


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