Monday 6 August 2012

I skipped a day - Kimono Time

in the day before the trip to Hiroshima, we visited Askukusa.  Boasting a large shrine and traditional market place in the middle of busy Tokyo, this provided an opportunity to see one of the many interesting facets of the city of Tokyo.

I'm visiting another shrine - this is becoming a habit!
As this area is close to the Sky Tree, it provided an opportunity to get a closer look at it ahead of a full visit.  I'm planning on seeing the observatory when we get back from Hiroshima.  As Kyle doesn't have a head for heights I', going to do this one alone.

Tokyo Sky Tree, seen from Askukusa
While touring the market, we found a stall selling Kimonos.  I couldn't resist - I'm going to post a picture of me wearing it later but for now, here it is!

A cotton Kimono
Another enjoyable day.

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