Sunday 4 August 2013

4th August 2013 – The first blog entry (of this trip)

Today is the start of my latest trip to Japan.  So far things are getting off to a good start although in some ways things are less familiar than before.  Previously, I’ve used BMI to get to Frankfurt and Lufthansa to get to Tokyo.  BMI no more, so it’s Lufthansa all the way.
After checking in, I looked up the flight# and seat allocation on SeatGuru.  According to the seating chart they provided, it looked like a business class seat.  Score!  Joining the frequent flyer programme has definite advantages.  That satisfaction was short lived, it turned out that the seatguru chart was incorrect and I was only in economy class.  Bugger!  (mental note – being at the front of the plane means boarding last)
Back to the details.  I opted for a 09:00 flight rather than 07:00, so I only had to get up at 04:30 – thank the Kami for small mercies!  I noticed in Manchester Airport that Starbucks now have a strawberries and cream Frappachino.  It’s not bad, but not as good as the vanilla ones I used to have last time I was in Japan.
The last 2 times I seems to set off from Frankfurt from the exact same departure gate – it was the same pretzel shop I went to on both occasions!
Lufthansa, in their infinite wisdom, decided to break with tradition and made me walk across the entire length of the terminal! (I’m pretty sure they parked the plane in such a way that I would have to walk even further).  It seems this part of the terminal is a little thin on eateries.  There are a few places but they are such a distance from the departure gate (and I had a much shorter layover) that I decided not to chance it.  I’m so hungry now that I’m actually looking forward to an aircraft meal!  HELP!
This also means that I don’t have enough time to justify paying for Wi-Fi access, fortunately Frankfurt Airport provide 30 minutes free access.
At least soon I get to see Kyle again.

So not much to update on so far, I think they’re going to start boarding soon.
Not long now

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