Saturday 10 August 2013

Day 5 - Back to Misato and a Nomikai

For the most part today was a fairly quiet day.  We spent around 3 hours getting assorted trains from Nikko back to Misato.  Combined with a long few days I was feeling tired and needed a rest.  So Kyle went in to work and I went back to the apartment in order to collapse.

Resting until the early afternoon, I finally decided to grab some lunch in Misato.  Wanting to practice a little more Japanese, I tried to start a little small talk about the weather when paying:

Me - *points outside* Tenkou wa totemo atsui desu (the weather is very hot)
Waitress - *agrees*
Me - irigisu no tenkou wa samui desu (the weather in england is cold)
Waitress - irigisu jin desu ka? (you are english?)
Me - Hai, irigisu jin desu (yes, I'm english)
The highlight of the evening was going out for a meal with some of Kyles work colleagues at a restaurant in Minami Nagareyama.  An evening of good food and interesting conversations.

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