Tuesday 13 August 2013

Day 9 - Akihabara Again

While Kyle was working, I decided to make another trip to Akihabara as there were a few more things I wanted to check out.  First order of business was lunch.  Once again, I opted for the UDX building as I know the area and there is a wide selection of restaurants.  In some instances, however, the quality of the signage did not exactly inspire confidence.  Then again, thinking back to last year I remember this isn't unusual for the UDX building.
I've never been to a Restrant before!
As I went to a Ramen place last time, I opted for a Tonkatsu place on floor 2 (if not floor 2, there was only 1 such place at the time of writing).  Tonkatsu is a nice little lunch that certainly hits the spot.
As my Japanese is still a little flaky, they also have an English menu.  There were a few variations on the standard Tonkatsu available, including crab meat and a mince katsu filled with cheese.  All of them are served with shredded cabbage, rice and soup.  If you would like any more cabbage, the staff are happy to provide extra.  There is a dipping sauce available at the table.  I'm not sure how this one was made but it was definitely oil based and had a rice wine vinegar flavour - quite nice.  The complimentary cold tea was nicely refreshing given the heat of the day.
At one of the shops I noticed some "Tsundere" themed cookies which I decided to get as a present for a friend (although I think she may murder me when I do)             
Reminds me of someone...
All has gone well so far, it's just a shame that tomorrow is my last full day.

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