Thursday 8 August 2013

Day Three - Getting to Nikko

In preparation for Nikko we had to rise at a rather early hour.  Reason being, the journey takes a considerable length of time.  If you have a Japan Rail pass, the Shinkansen may be worth a look.
Because of the travel time I strongly recommend booking accommodation so you can get a full day.  We opted to stay at the zen hostel,  which Kyle has stayed at before.   The hostel is run more like a traditional guest house and some rooms are traditional Japanese style, complete with futons.  As it is quite rural,  the owner offers a shuttle from Nikko station.
Zen Hostel

There is a nice fish restauant within walking distance, run by a rather energetic elderly chap.  I enjoyed the food and service was friendly.
Local Restaurant
It's all a bit out of the way but it's set in a beautiful location and I'd strongly recommend it.
Stunning Views
Free Wi-Fi is provided along with some communal PC's so those who can't survive offline are catered for.

The original plan was to start exploring Nikko upon our arrival but it looked like the weather was going to turn (read - thunderstorm).  Since I've been caught in one downpour so far this trip, I wasn't eager to repeat the experience.

Tommorow, shrines!

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