Tuesday 13 August 2013

Day 7 - Koshigaya Lake Town and Meeting Sakarada Sensei

Today we spent the morning/afternoon exploring Koshigaya Lake Town, a large shopping centre in Koshigaya.  Actually, I take that back.  It's not large, the place is frigging huge! I'm pretty sure it's larger than the Trafford centre (to put it in context).  Unfortunately this meant that it was a little to big to be practical, if that makes any sense.

From Misato, it's a fairly short train ride on the JR Musashino Line to Koshigaya Lake Town, which has its own station.  Today was another blisteringly hot day, fortunately it's only a short walk to the centre which is fully air conditioned.

There is a cinema complex in the centre which we were planning on visiting.  The one thing we didn't take in to account was that this is a Sunday so it was packed.

To illustrate just how big Lake Town is, there's a Starbucks outside (next to a nice little artificial stream and some trees) that Kyle only jut found on the day.  He's been living here over a year and has been to Lake Town on a few occasions!

In the evening, I had the opportunity to meet another of Kyles colleagues.  Sakarada Sensei.  Meeting in Koshigaya, we would go out for a meal and a few drinks.  Sakarada managed to secure us reservations to a very difficult to get in to restaurant (Kyle works with some great people!).

Fast forward:  After good food, good drink and good conversation this proved to be a great evening.

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